DLPCBS系列部分电路板间隔柱 3D CAD产品工程图下载(自由下载,无需登录注册)

DLPCBS202  隔离高度6.4mm之双头卡扣锁定式电路板支撑间隔柱 两端适合安装孔径3.2mm的PCB(或者其他安装板) 3D图纸下载  
DLPCBS204  隔离高度9.5mm之双头卡扣锁定式电路板支撑间隔柱 两端适合安装孔径3.2mm的PCB(或者其他安装板) 3D图纸下载
DLPCBS205  隔离高度11.1mm之双头卡扣锁定式电路板支撑间隔柱 两端适合安装孔径3.2mm的PCB(或者其他安装板) 3D图纸下载
DLPCBS207  隔离高度14.3mm之双头卡扣锁定式电路板支撑间隔柱 两端适合安装孔径3.2mm的PCB(或者其他安装板) 3D图纸下载
DLPCBS208  隔离高度15.9mm之双头卡扣锁定式电路板支撑间隔柱 两端适合安装孔径3.2mm的PCB(或者其他安装板) 3D图纸下载

DLPCBS601  隔离高度4.8mm之双头卡扣锁定式电路板支撑间隔柱  两端适合安装孔径4.0mm的PCB(或者其他安装板) 3D图纸下载    
DLPCBS602  隔离高度6.4mm之双头卡扣锁定式电路板支撑间隔柱  两端适合安装孔径4.0mm的PCB(或者其他安装板) 3D图纸下载  
DLPCBS604  隔离高度9.5mm之双头卡扣锁定式电路板支撑间隔柱  两端适合安装孔径4.0mm的PCB(或者其他安装板) 3D图纸下载
DLPCBS606  隔离高度12.7mm之双头卡扣锁定式电路板支撑间隔柱 两端适合安装孔径4.0mm的PCB(或者其他安装板) 3D图纸下载
DLPCBS607  隔离高度14.3mm之双头卡扣锁定式电路板支撑间隔柱 两端适合安装孔径4.0mm的PCB(或者其他安装板) 3D图纸下载
DLPCBS608  隔离高度15.9mm之双头卡扣锁定式电路板支撑间隔柱 两端适合安装孔径4.0mm的PCB(或者其他安装板) 3D图纸下载
DLPCBS609  隔离高度19.1mm之双头卡扣锁定式电路板支撑间隔柱 两端适合安装孔径4.0mm的PCB(或者其他安装板) 3D图纸下载
DLPCBS610  隔离高度22.2mm之双头卡扣锁定式电路板支撑间隔柱 两端适合安装孔径4.0mm的PCB(或者其他安装板) 3D图纸下载

如果您没有找到相关的工程图纸,欢迎您联络我们的电路板间隔支撑解决方案专家索取 (cx@sinohua.com.cn  130 4089 8808)。

自扣紧电路板间隔柱 - 电路板固定和绝缘分隔的小助手






DLPCBS Series Snap lock PCB Spacer/Standoffs

Easy to install dual locking PCB supports that require no special tools;

Simply press the head, which expands the rivet base - locking it into position. Supplied in standard packs of 1000pcs

Standard material: Nylon6/6,UL94V2, nature colour. 

UL94V0 spacers/standoffs is available by special order, add suffix"V0" at the end of these part numbers.

The little helpers for your circuit board design

We offer a very wide range of spacers for your application. With our spacers you create the basis for a mechanical and thermal protection of the components on the PCB.  Our portfolio includes self-locking versions with snap-on or spreader mounting, screw-on versions with threads, versions with adhesive foil on the base and articles with additional functions such as corner mounting.

Removable spacers facilitate work during servicing and offer quick options for expansion. Spacers with additional functions as corner brackets or with an additional support surface allow freedom of design. With the correct dimensioning and matching design, these small holders make the basic work for your application easier.

With the brand Sinohua industries we offer a wide range of plastic components for the construction of printed circuit boards and electronic housings. With high delivery reliability and quality products, we focus on long-term partnerships and accompany you throughout the entire lifespan of your application.