Sinohua JDAExx ventilation plugs are recommended in applications wherein it is required:
•protection against water and dust
•constant thermal balancing constant

These plugs are infact permeable to gases and vapours but impermeable to liquids and dust.
Even the smallest amount of water present in the air (water vapor) is blocked by the membrane (unless the differential pressure exceeds the intrusion pressure threshold).

The permeability resistance to liquids and dust depends on two main factors:
•by the presence, inside this devices, of a water-repellent membrane characterized by pores of dffeirent sizes and different structures.
•by the air circulation from inside to outside of plug, which generates a continuous pressure: allowing in this way both to keep stable the temperature of the plug and to repel water, in fact the water intrusion pressure goes down as air permeability increases.

The utility of ventilation plugs can be listed as follows:
•prevention of pressure and temperature increasing inside the enclosure, so the sensitive elements are not threatened.
•added flexibility for maintenance. In traditional units it is very difficult to open the covers for maintenance, these plugs are designed to prevent these problems.
•prevention of accidental water suction into the system.
•prevention of exposure to hot, humid, compressed gases.
•they are more resistant to wear and so there is there is a related increase of the entire electrical system life cycle.
•allows to prevent the risk of corrosion.